See Your Friends’ Facebook Post Editing History

I am not sure if this just rolled out or if I noticed it for the first time (or if none of my friends edit their posts often), but interesting that you can view the revision history of a Facebook friend who edited their status. Below their status, click the gray ‘Edited’ link:

See your friend's Facebook edit historyAnd see the revisions they’ve made to that post:

See all the edits made to a friend's Facebook post


The 4 Best Mobile Apps for Pregnancy & Baby


While I swear I’m not turning this blog into some sort of mommy diary, I do plan to post more often about other items outside of marketing that interest me, like balancing work & motherhood, opining on virtual offices and workshifting, my favorite tools & apps, starting & running a business, living in New Hampshire, and getting a little bit more personal from time to time.

This might be one of those times. Yes, it’s about pregnancy, but to be fair, I still talk about apps, so it’s not totally far off, right?

Like everything else in life, I turned to apps and other online resources to research this whole pregnancy & motherhood thing. Knowing that my little goldfish brain would retain nothing important when it comes to creating a human (and don’t call it “baby brain” – I have the crappiest memory even when not pregnant), the following 4 apps became incredibly useful to me:


ovuview screenshotThis one is the ultimate fertility tracker. Oh, TMI? Suck it up; I prepared you for what this post was about. To be fair, I have friends who use this app to make sure they DON’T get pregnant, too.

Anything you can chart in regards to fertility, you can with this app – and for free. The best feature for me was the charting of my basal body temperature. For me, that was the best indicator of which days to try to get pregnant. I probably tracked it for 5-6 months to identify some opportune days before we were ready to start trying. What can I say? It worked!

My Pregnancy Today

This app, from BabyCenter (a pretty reliable, less spammy site than, gives you a great week-by-week breakdown of your baby’s development, accompanied by insights on what’s happening to your body, and suggested ways to prepare for your peanut. There are even day-by-day tips and information that keep you coming back regularly.

When I found My Pregnancy Today, I was in search of a checklist that was similar to what I found when planning my wedding – a step-by-step planner that suggests what you should be doing to prepare throughout your pregnancy. This app offers a healthy list of things to do, and includes customization so you can keep track of things like questions to ask the doctor, things you need to be thinking of, tests you might opt in to, and more.

Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer screenshotThis app would’ve worked for me… if I had actually believed I was in labor (long story, but it ends in me driving myself to the hospital because I had convinced my husband to go to work). For normal women who can tell the difference between “a little cramping” and legit labor pains, this app is great. Not only can you track the beginning & end of each contraction, but then you don’t have to do the math in your head to figure out their overall duration and frequency. Being able to see trends develop on the screen in front of you in between each excruciating moment is priceless. Again, if you truly realize you’re in labor. For silly people like me, an on-screen alert saying “CALL THE DOCTOR, DUMBASS” would’ve been helpful.

Baby ESP

A Type-A new mom’s best friend. Worth every penny of the $4.99 it costs. Track sleep, feedings, pumping, peeing & pooping (which is apparently important to track, particularly those first couple weeks), which boob you fed from, medicine, doctor’s visits, tummy time, baths, spit up – pretty much everything you can think of that you’d need to track. And, if they don’t have a specific category you want to track, you can create your own. And, if you want, there’s a journal for notes or milestones.

My nanny probably thinks I’m neurotic because this app has turned me into an obsessive tracking monster. She writes down his day in a notebook and I translate it into BabyESP the second I get home so I can see how his day has shaped up.

BabyESP SchedulerThe best parts? The charts are pretty cool (see things like average sleep, average nap sleep, average time between naps, bottle amount, nursing time, etc.), and stats are helpful (I appreciate the left/right percentage stat about how much he’s nursing on each side), but the SCHEDULER. The scheduler is the most amazing part of this app. It allows you to visually understand your baby’s routine as he develops. This has been a huge help in understanding how he has consolidated naps, if he’s getting used to eating immediately after waking, to remember which night it was that he slept 6 hours before eating (thank god for those nights), to see if he’s cluster feeding and potentially entering into a growth spurt, etc. This is the feature that will help me get him on a schedule soon, and I am THRILLED about that. Momma needs some predictability in her day again.


How to get more people to view your LinkedIn profile

Want to get more people to view your LinkedIn profile? I have one tip:

Share fun, interesting, relevant content on your LinkedIn status. 

I was always comfortable with how many times I showed up in LinkedIn search results, and to date, was pleased with the number of views I got of my profile, but an increase is always nice. I started sharing more on LinkedIn using the stupidly easy Buffer Chrome extension, and this was the result:

Chart showing the increase of views of my LinkedIn profile






That’s an increase of 742%.

Read something interesting? Send it to Buffer, which will send it to LinkedIn intermittently throughout the day, and you’re all set.

I’ve seen a correlation between this and invites to connect, InMail regarding new projects & partnerships, and messages regarding job openings.

Takes two seconds and makes a hell of an impact.


52 Lists: Week 10 – List the Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring

It’s almost comedic how perfect the timing is for this list. At 9 months pregnant, I’m in full-on nesting & spring cleaning mode. After ridding our house of everything we haven’t touched, used, or looked at in the last 6 months back in December, I walked around the house with a Phillips screwdriver the other night, tightening all the mildly loose screws holding up every closet hook, chair leg, and kitchen drawer pull I could find throughout my 1100 sq. ft. condo. Then, I lint rolled my shower curtain.

What you will find on my list: ways that apps & other online tools can help me organize my life.

What you will not find on my list: “clean out my closet of anything I haven’t worn in 6 months.” Please. I already do that on a monthly basis.

This week in the #52lists2013 project: Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring.

  1. Commit to using Mint to organize our finances. Again.
  2. Disinfect. My devices, more than anything.
  3. Organize my online bookmarks. I’ve been acquiring whitepapers, webinar decks, and marketing best practices in my browser bookmarks since 2005. Surely some of these “best practices” are old school tactics by now. Time to go through ’em and find a better way of organizing all of the various things I’ve collected from the internet over the last 8 years. Something tells me this will involve some combination of Pocket & Evernote.
  4. Use Evernote better.
  5. UNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERYTHING EVER. I’m guessing there’s no app to easily do that in one fell swoop? I’m lookin’ at you, LinkedIn Groups.
  6. Move my website feeds for and from Feedburner to Feedblitz, since Google will inevitably kill Feedburner.
  7. Get rid of Shawn’s books. My husband reads more books than anyone I know. He also has a habit of keeping every single book he’s ever read, and we’re officially running out of space. I’m reviewing a few options for getting rid of some of the bulk. Not looking to make a ton of money, but I think he’d rather get a few bucks per book vs. donating them outright. Have you tried out any of these sites, or have better suggestions?
    1. Paperback Swap
    3. CKY Books
    4. Powell’s Books
  8. Recycle old devices. As part of my December clean out, we got rid of 3 defunct computers, various computer accessories, old landlines and other electronics. Since then, I’ve found a few more cell phones, old satellite radio devices, and a slew of wires & whatnot that would be better served outside of a landfill or in my home. There are a ton of online options for getting rid of these items, but in my need for immediate organization, I’ll be bringing everything to Staples and Best Buy. See where else you can donate or recycle old electronics.

How will you be digitally cleansing for spring?

52 Lists: Week 9 – List the Places You Want to Go

So I stumbled on this 52 Lists project through Pinterest, and if there’s one thing that absolutely strikes my fancy, it’s making lists (other things that strike my fancy include craft beer, free shipping, and those Trader Joe’s chocolate truffles. Holy hell are those good.). In high school, I had a psychology assignment that asked us to list 100 things that make us happy. I’ve made such a list almost every year since then because it is a good escape from daunting, un-fun To Do lists, and brings you into a mindset of thinking about things you’re grateful for.

Anyway, 52 Lists is a perfect way for me to indulge in more fun list-making while giving me fodder for more blogging! Yes, because the weeks leading up to having your first child baby is the perfect time to get your blogging butt in gear. Want in? Create your list in any format you want (Pinterest board, blog post, Instagram photos, good ol’ pen & paper, etc.) and tag your list #52lists2013.

This week’s theme is to List the Places You Want to Go:

  • visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  • shopping in Morocco
  • Paper Lantern Festival in Thailand

    Photo courtesy of AP

    that place where they release the thousands of paper lanterns into the air

  • FAO Schwartz with my son at Christmastime
  • Harry Potter World at Disney
  • a Jay-Z concert
  • back to a steady routine of kickboxing classes
  • to Crossfit classes
  • Seattle on a coffee tour of some sort
  • into the most fluffy, enveloping king sized bed I’ve ever been in
  • to a full-on spa day
  • back to the Greek Isles to see all the other amazing islands we didn’t get a chance to see
  • to the beach – any beach, really.
  • back to a size 4 after I have this baby
  • hiking
  • to any restaurant where Kevin Gillespie is the head chef
  • to a Photoshop class
  • a future that involves a kick-ass ski house at Bretton Woods as my second home for the weekends
  • shopping at more independently owned stores downtown
  • SxSW again… maybe… with no agenda so that I can learn more, see more movies, enjoy more music… NOT so I can stand in a trade show booth for 9 hours a day
  • on more vacations with my family
  • to an outdoor/barn-style wedding
  • San Francisco

No doubt there will be more to come… show me your list!