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Social Media Breakfast NH: Hire 2.0

Last Friday, I enjoyed the latest Social Media Breakfast (SMBNH) at the Portsmouth Library on the theme of Hire 2.0. The session highlighted two great speakers, Aubrey Sambor and Andrew White, who spoke about leveraging Twitter for your job search and how to maximize your job search online, respectively.

Aubrey’s session was a great primer on how to use Twitter to establish yourself in your industry, connect with people online, and build relationships simply by sharing what’s on your mind. Among her great advice:

  • It’s not what you tweet, it’s how you tweet – for job seekers, don’t just approach Twitter and whine to nobody in particular, “I need a job!” Build relationships and be helpful to others.
  • Be consistent with your username across social media channels. Don’t confuse recruiters/potential employers who may be seeking you out.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously on Twitter. Making connections should feel natural. Twitter helps the shy people feel more comfortable once you take the relationship offline (Note: I sometimes consider myself shy – going to networking events ends up feeling like hanging out with friends because of the relationships I’ve built through Twitter).

I wanted to build on Aubrey’s advice and approach Twitter as a job-seeking tool in a different light. Proactive job hunting can be done by using Twitter, and it’s just another source to turn to to uncover job opportunities that may not be posted elsewhere. For example:

  1. Follow companies and people who post jobs on a regular basis, including @SocialMediaJob, @LinkedIn_Jobs, @JobsInNH, and @Indeed, among others.
  2. Set up feeds so that job opportunities that are spoken of are brought directly to you via RSS (my reader of choice: Google Reader). To do this:
    • Go to
    • Search for a keyword phrase that may uncover job opportunities for you. This could include job titles you wish to consider, locations, industries, etc. For example = “hiring +marketing +NH” or “marketing +manager +boston”. Add actionable words that may appear, such as “we’re hiring” or “looking to fill”. Click ‘search’.
    • Pull the feed for these search results into your reader by clicking the “Feed for this query” link located at the top right hand corner.
    • Twitter Search Results

    • Add this feed to your RSS reader, and every time that keyword phrase is mentioned, a new post will be delivered directly to you.

Depending on the keyword phrases you search for, you may have to weed through some unrelated posts, but the number of great opportunities I’ve come across has made it worth the effort to set up these feeds for both myself (both for full-time work and to locate potential clients) and friends & family.