52 Lists: Week 10 – List the Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring

It’s almost comedic how perfect the timing is for this list. At 9 months pregnant, I’m in full-on nesting & spring cleaning mode. After ridding our house of everything we haven’t touched, used, or looked at in the last 6 months back in December, I walked around the house with a Phillips screwdriver the other night, tightening all the mildly loose screws holding up every closet hook, chair leg, and kitchen drawer pull I could find throughout my 1100 sq. ft. condo. Then, I lint rolled my shower curtain.

What you will find on my list: ways that apps & other online tools can help me organize my life.

What you will not find on my list: “clean out my closet of anything I haven’t worn in 6 months.” Please. I already do that on a monthly basis.

This week in the #52lists2013 project: Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring.

  1. Commit to using Mint to organize our finances. Again.
  2. Disinfect. My devices, more than anything.
  3. Organize my online bookmarks. I’ve been acquiring whitepapers, webinar decks, and marketing best practices in my browser bookmarks since 2005. Surely some of these “best practices” are old school tactics by now. Time to go through ’em and find a better way of organizing all of the various things I’ve collected from the internet over the last 8 years. Something tells me this will involve some combination of Pocket & Evernote.
  4. Use Evernote better.
  5. UNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERYTHING EVER. I’m guessing there’s no app to easily do that in one fell swoop? I’m lookin’ at you, LinkedIn Groups.
  6. Move my website feeds for SandraRand.com and OpenNetMedia.com from Feedburner to Feedblitz, since Google will inevitably kill Feedburner.
  7. Get rid of Shawn’s books. My husband reads more books than anyone I know. He also has a habit of keeping every single book he’s ever read, and we’re officially running out of space. I’m reviewing a few options for getting rid of some of the bulk. Not looking to make a ton of money, but I think he’d rather get a few bucks per book vs. donating them outright. Have you tried out any of these sites, or have better suggestions?
    1. Paperback Swap
    2. Cash4Books.net
    3. CKY Books
    4. Powell’s Books
  8. Recycle old devices. As part of my December clean out, we got rid of 3 defunct computers, various computer accessories, old landlines and other electronics. Since then, I’ve found a few more cell phones, old satellite radio devices, and a slew of wires & whatnot that would be better served outside of a landfill or in my home. There are a ton of online options for getting rid of these items, but in my need for immediate organization, I’ll be bringing everything to Staples and Best Buy. See where else you can donate or recycle old electronics.

How will you be digitally cleansing for spring?

  • JP

    I love paperbackswap, though I’ve found over time that their available selections aren’t the greatest. Could be because I want what everyone else does…or because they offer the option of paying a couple bucks for credits, meaning there are more “I wants” than “I haves”. Either way, it’s a great site if you have a few books to get rid of and a desire to replace them with new books.

    That said, knowing how many books your boo goes through, you may be best-served with an ebay auction for larger lots…like the entire Clive Cussler collection in one fell swoop. It would take you six years to “swap” those out, but you could probably find some other Cussler-head out there who would buy them.

    • http://www.sandrarand.com Sandra Rand

      That’s probably a better approach, though I’m not sure how many full series he’s willing to part with. Will definitely check paperbackswap in the meantime