How to get more people to view your LinkedIn profile

Want to get more people to view your LinkedIn profile? I have one tip:

Share fun, interesting, relevant content on your LinkedIn status. 

I was always comfortable with how many times I showed up in LinkedIn search results, and to date, was pleased with the number of views I got of my profile, but an increase is always nice. I started sharing more on LinkedIn using the stupidly easy Buffer Chrome extension, and this was the result:

Chart showing the increase of views of my LinkedIn profile






That’s an increase of 742%.

Read something interesting? Send it to Buffer, which will send it to LinkedIn intermittently throughout the day, and you’re all set.

I’ve seen a correlation between this and invites to connect, InMail regarding new projects & partnerships, and messages regarding job openings.

Takes two seconds and makes a hell of an impact.


  • Mike Kalil

    I’m more cautious with what I post because I’m afraid I’ll annoy people, but your way sounds better since you’re actually getting leads from it.

    (BTW, saw this on LinkedIn :P)

    • Sandra Rand

      I think it’s difficult to annoy people on LinkedIn because they’re not spending a ton of time staring down their homepage feed the way they are on, say, Facebook. As long as the content is appropriate for LinkedIn (in other words, professional and geared toward your industry/expertise), it’s valuable to share.